Among the multitude of iPhone apps out there, it is inevitable that some apps would be created that are just out of this world. Some apps serve a twisted purpose. Others seem to serve no purpose at all.

If you want to download a bizarre app to your iPhone – even if it is only for the sake of creating a conversation piece – here are seven apps worth checking out at least once

  • Body Plastika: Before starting that diet plan, you can check out the Body Plastika app. It allows you with the swipe of a finger to see how you look after lipo suction takes away a few pounds. You can see if a facelift would eliminate all of those wrinkles and make you look youthful again. The app shows before and after images for procedures like facelifts and lipo suction. Of course, diet and exercise produce similar results at a lower price.

  • iVoodoo: Forget going down the back alley to buy a voodoo doll from that mysterious vendor. You can practice digital voodoo now. It is a great way to exact revenge after a breakup without attracting undue attention or a restraining order. You can finally get even with the cop who wrote you a speeding ticket. There’s an added bonus of not accidentally stabbing yourself with a pin or two.

  • iBeer: When activated, this app will fill your iPhone screen with the image of a fresh mug of beer. Then you tilt the iPhone forward like a glass and the beer steadily disappears as it flows into an invisible mouth. None of it actually goes into your mouth. If you want a beer, this is torment on the level of seeing a mirage in the desert. On the bright side, there are no worries about a hangover – until they create an app for that as well.


  • Hold on: The mother of all time wasting inventions is here. The sole purpose of the hold on app is to press a virtual button while it records your time. It runs like a stopwatch and the object is to see how long you can hold the button before letting go. It records your best time at the bottom of the screen. Good for hours of fun if you are the type who also likes watching paint dry.


  • Rimshot & Crickets: Turn your life into a sitcom with an app that provides a funny sound for every occasion. You can produce crickets on a friend’s bad joke. You can shower everyone in your group with rimshots and applause for your own bad joke. It is one step away from having a personal laugh track. Then again, it is also one step away from the rest of your group exiling you to another room.

  • Annoy-a-teen: Finally, an app that promises to rid your life of unruly teens. With this app, you supposedly can produce a high-pitched sound only teens can hear. The sound is supposed immobilize teens and get them to bend to your will. It is sort of like crossing a dog whistle with puberty. Like the neighborhood mutt, all of them will be howling for you to turn it off.

  •  iSurgeon: Want to see what you would look like with a nose job or a facelift? When you use iSurgeon you can make a game of modifying an image of yourself with all sorts of virtual enhancements. Everything is possible from giving yourself fuller lips to bigger breasts. The results are not as pretty as you might think. The good news is it can help you decide if you really need to go under the knife.

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