Are you looking for the best free android apps on the internet? There are many sites where you can find hundreds of free Android apps that can help you to make your cell phone more effective and powerful but only selective Android apps are impressive. Hence, you need to be very particular about the kind of apps you download on your cell phone. You should make sure that the app that you are downloading should not consume a lot of battery power and should not slow down the overall cell phone.

Best Free Android Apps

Hence, we will take a quick look at some of the best apps that you can download to make your cell phone more powerful than ever before.

1. Skype Mobile

Skype has always got the attention of the people who want to make long distance calls and with the help of Skype Mobile you can make unlimited Skype to Skype calls for a much lower price which can really cut down your phone bill drastically. You can use your Skype account through your mobile and call and message your friends and colleagues right from your Android phone. Hence, Skype Mobile certain makes it among the best apps for your Android cell phone.

2. Spotify

We all love to carry our music with us all the time, don’t we? Now with the help of Spotify you can access millions of tracks right on your Android phone. Spotify helps you to find your favorite tracks online and you can download them and keep them in your account. You can even access the same songs when you are offline and therefore it gives you the freedom to carry millions of songs even when you don’t have enough space in your MicroSD card. You can even avail for more special service when you go for the paid version of this app.

3. OpenHome

Cell phone lovers are very particular about how their home screen looks like. While some of them are interested in designing them the better way, some users are interested in placing all their important applications right on the home screen. Now with the help of OpenHome Android phone users can design the home screen the way they want it. The app works like a functional home screen from where you can customize all the things you want including icons, skins and fonts on your cell phone. This makes your cell phone home screen look exactly the way you want it.

4. Google Calendar

People love to be organized and that is why they buy planners at the beginning of the year, but now with the help of Google Calendar and Gmail you don’t need to carry additional planner as you can do all that on your cell phone. The Google Calendar allows you to quickly make notes of all your appointments and schedules so that you never miss out on anything. The functionality between Gmail and Google Calendar is very good and therefore you can easily connect them together.

5. Google Listen

Another free app from Google for your Android phone is Google Listen. This app allows you to search for different podcasts across the web instantly. In other words, Google Listen works like a search engine and you are never too far from any announcement or information that you want to hear about. You can stream any podcast right on your Android cell phone and therefore there is no need to download it or to connect your cell phone to your computer.

6. Google Finance

Do you always love to keep track of the stock markets? Do you work in a financial organization where you need to keep tabs on the unpredictable market at all times? Well, then all you need is free Google Finance app on your cell phone. Google Finance is very simple and easy to customize and therefore you can decide which quotes you want to see and how you want to the numbers to show up on the screen. Google Finance provides you with real time quotes, charts and even news on anything related to the quotes you are looking for.

7. Google Voice

Do you want to keep control of all the calls that reach your cell phone? Well, sometimes we might be busy with our work and might miss a few calls that could be important. However, now with the help of Google Voice you will never miss any missed calls because this app will redirect the call to another Google generated number where the information will be stored and then you will receive the information like a text message about what that missed call was about. You can even listen to the messages if you want to hear it.  You can download free Android apps from various Android sites available on the web.

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  1. Would nice to know which Open Home to use? I just searched and found about 10 of them.

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  3. Skype Mobile is only on Verizon…so it has limited availability for users.

  4. Almost every single one of these apps are available for iOS douchbag.

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