Many of these technology titans were the ones that ruled the world, but no one knows what happened to them now. They are nowhere to be seen or heard of. But it is pretty interesting to know how they entered the market and what led to their exit.ICQ: It was the first one that invented the chat station way back in the year 1996. AOL bought its parent company called Mirabilis in the year 1998. ICQ was the one that was quickly copied and today it just remains as an interesting chat program.


Netscape Navigator was the only web browser in the nineties to gain so much popularity. However, with Microsoft coming into business, Netscape didn’t really have an option. They lacked the manpower as well as the money to fight Microsoft. However, Firefox still remains on the Netscape technology, the latter has been forgotten long ago.


Before Google, AltaVista was the only search engine existing. But Google’s Page Rank changed the whole scenario. This new tool by Google not only weighed the content of the sites but also linked to them and thence did a better job. There is simply no mystery on this one as Google can be a better search engine any day.

Pegasus Mail:

It was the first application to send an email successfully in the year 1989. It dates back to those times when internet was merely a small community and not as a huge network. Microsoft again came in with its very popular Outlook Express and that virtually wiped out not only Pegasus but almost all the existing email programs.

CompuServe and AOL:

AOL and CompuServe lined the near the establishment of Internet, other than they didn’t see the World Wide Web coming and used up too long trying to carry on their users inside their own little community. In the present day, AOL is principally a publisher, at the same time as CompuServe is an AOL-owned ISP.


WordPerfect version 5.1 was one of the best business programs ever written in the history of programming. Nevertheless, as soon as graphical operating systems came along WordPerfect developed for OS/2 instead of Windows. The postponed Windows version had a lot of bugs and was not accepted, and by the time WordPerfect came out with its new version, Microsoft’s Word for Windows had entered the market.

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