In case you hadn’t heard, the Lexus NX is the Japanese car firm’s enticing mid-size crossover SUV. It’s a compelling rival for models such as the Audi Q5 and Range Rover Evoque. Lexus is keen to attract a wider audience to the vehicles that it sells. From first reflections, it’s clear the NX got designed with the younger motorist in mind.

As you would expect from a luxury car brand, Lexus has included a raft of features & technology as standard. So, why should you go out and buy a new one today? Here are six reasons to help you make your decision:

Image Credit:Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit:Wikimedia Commons
  1. It’s not German

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have anything against German cars! The trouble with the SUV market is that, in Europe, it’s dominated by models from Germany. Sure, you could import an American SUV if you wanted. But what other choice is there?

Lexus aims to plug that gap in the market with their NX offering. It’s a refreshing alternative for those bored with buying the same models.

  1. It’s hybrid

We live in an age where the cost of fuel means we have to think carefully about our vehicle choices. Most car makers are building models with greener engines under the bonnet. One way to make a car eco-friendly is to combine it with electric power!

The Lexus NX has a hybrid drive system. That means you’ll be using it for shorter journeys. When the juice levels are low, the combustion engine takes over and recharges it. Meanwhile, it’ll keep you on the road.

  1. It’s full of technology

As one might expect from Lexus, the NX is a car packed with technology as standard. If you buy this SUV, you can be sure that it’ll be more comfortable than your sofa! That’s thanks to the premium heated seats. What’s more, you won’t lose your way with the built-in navigation.

  1. The cabin is as quiet as a mouse

Once upon a time, only cars like the Honda Accord got known for their quiet cabin levels. Nowadays, it seems other Japanese car makers have started to offer that benefit too! Inchcape Lexus tells me the NX is one of the quietest in its class. Having taken the car out for a long-term test drive, I can confirm that’s the case. It’s even too quieter than a BMW X3!

  1. It boasts an impressive audio system

If there’s one thing we like to do in our cars, it’s listen to the music. One can enjoy the top-spec Mark Levinson sound system in the Lexus NX. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a CD or streaming music from your iPhone’s Spotify app. The sound quality is beyond compare!

  1. It won’t break the bank

You might feel that vehicles such as the Lexus NX will cost a fortune. After all, they are “fully loaded” and get aimed at the premium end of the SUV market. But, prepare to get shocked. That’s because the Lexus NX is one of the most affordable premium cars you’ll ever buy!

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