Like a moth to an extremely lucrative high tech flame, developers and big gadget companies alike have been flocking to the smartwatch market. Everyone from Samsung to LG to Sony have been trying to hawk their part app, part time-telling devices and as Apple have just trademarked ‘iWatch’, they’re the latest to get in on the trend, in a move that could revolutionise the wearable tech industry for the better.

1. Strive to Be Better

We saw this once before all the way back in 2008 when tech companies finally started to cotton on that that smartphone market that Apple’s iPhone had created was actually a sure thing. Once the iWatch takes off (and it’s almost a surefire guarantee that it will) we’re going to see some fierce competition from the likes of Samsung and Sony, which will result in a range of smartwatches flooding the market. This means that we’ll likely have ones for gaming, business and likely even kid-oriented smartwatches, effectively making technological time-telling devices for your every need.

2. Sync Your Life

One big feature you can bet the iWatch will have is some sort of ‘syncing’ ability in which the iWatch will hook up to your iPhone, iPad,or other Apple-branded product via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to share data. If this works out for Apple and people like the idea of wirelessly transferring information as easily as pressing a button, faster than you can say ‘wristwatch’, then every smartwatch or wearable tech device out there could feature wireless syncing. And once wireless syncing is everywhere, we could get games and real services that work by transmitting info between wearable tech users.

3. Wearable Everything

The key thing about smartwatches, and indeed, the iWatch itself, is that they’re very much considered a stepping stone, a gateway test as to whether or not the wearable tech industry is a viable and worthy one to take part in for tech companies. Should the iWatch prove successful, it’s safe to suggest that next we’ll get tech-trousers, interactive sweaters and socks that tell us what kind of shoes we need to wear (okay, that last one is a little far-fetched). We already have smart shoes, glasses and rings, it’s just a case of what will make money or not.

4. Anything Phones can do, the iWatch can do Better

‘Necessity’ is the name of the game here as rumoured features of Apple’s iWatch include : apps, music, 3G, text messaging and even phone-calls. Does all of this sound impossible for a watch? Yes, it does now, but once upon a time we all thought the best thing a phone could do was ‘play Snake’. If Apple really need to give people a reason to buy the iWatch, it’ll come preloaded with all of those features, meaning that all of our future wearable clothing is going to make a case for leaving our phones and laptops at home, which is a pretty revolutionary thing indeed.

5. The iWatch State of Play

The idea of gaming between iWatches has already been mentioned in this post (see : point 3) but it holds some real merit. With wireless data transferral and the ease of playing games on the go, things even more advanced than Snake can take place with an iWatch. Huge AR (alternate reality) games could even take place, meaning players would have to log-in somewhere with their smartwatch and log-in somewhere else with their tech-trousers. The possibilities for wearable tech, are, effectively, endless.

Looking forward to the iWatch or think it’s a waste of time? Voice your thoughts below.

About Jasmine Henry:

Jasmine Henry is a freelance writer who couldn’t stop talking about tech if she tried. Mobile tech, gadget tech and video gaming, she loves it all.

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  1. That’s simply outstanding. Anything that a mobile phone can do, iWatch can do better than that. Forget handling bigger mobile phones and have everything more portable. Nice concept. Any idea when it will be available in the market?

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