Everyone wants what’s free – that’s understandable. That remains true when it comes to Android apps: As Android users are ultimately the “smarter” consumers compared to the iFaithful, it makes sense that they want to download and install those that don’t cost a single penny.

But once in a while, it makes more sense to pay for apps. We pay for food, cell service, and even rent. Why should useful Android apps that contribute to either work or leisure be an exception?

Types of Losers Who Don’t Pay for Android Apps

There will always be Android users, however, who find the best (or worst, depending on where you’re coming from) alibi as to why they refuse to part with a few cents, even if it’s for a purchase-worthy Android app. Here are five types of losers who won’t pay for apps. Be honest, now; do any of them ring a bell?

1. The unreasonably-stingy cheapskate. This Android fan refuses to pay for, say, a useful productivity app from Google Play, even if it’s worth less than a dollar. But his anti-consumer mentality is not confined to tech purchases; he probably refuses to pay for pretty much anything else if he can get away with it.

2. The internet-phobic paranoid. This loser would love to pay for Android apps. He might even fall for the ridiculous in-app purchases you often find in game apps developed by bigwig developers. But there is one major issue: He would rather slit his throat than enter his credit card info online. He is too afraid of identity theft. Maybe he even believes his credit card info will be used to usurp his life savings. Although these do occur at times, avoiding online payment transactions altogether instead of observing safe and secure practices is a little too extreme.

3. The opportunistic consumer. This Android user loves apps and would wait for discounts, freebies, and other opportunities to save money, even if it meant holding off for months just to avoid paying for an Android app worth a mere 99 cents. This loser would have been cunning, if not for the fact that the money he saves is not worth the time and effort he put into his extreme save-all-you-can campaign.

4. The confused techie-wannabe. This Android loser chooses not to pay for apps because he doesn’t really know what they’re for, even if he claims these apps are just awesome. He will probably be recommending different types of apps to his friends – most of them game apps which you don’t want to download if you want any work done – and he will sound like an expert. However, he does not understand the hard work that goes into each Android app. He knows nothing of app development and why four dollars is actually a cheap price to pay for an app that changes the way a gadget works.

5. The app pirate. Arguably the worst of the five, this poser uses underhanded means to avail of Android apps for free. He is on the constant lookout for hacks, researching online for means to bypass the whole payment system. He does not have second thoughts about committing the crime of piracy, a heinous act that can very well be the downfall of app developers, big and small. He is a traitor of technology, one who appears to love it when in fact, he is the very epitome of anti-technology. If allowed to proliferate, he will spell the end of apps which you and I love (yes, even the free ones).

So, which of these 5 types of losers who won’t pay for Android apps sounds familiar? Even as you support free apps on Google Play, don’t be too afraid to pay for reasonably-priced apps which are undeniably top-drawer. Read: Don’t be a loser.

Stef dela Cruz, MD is a doctor, columnist, and a polarizing Android techie. She would rather sell an iPhone to buy an Android phone and donate the remaining amount to charity. Whether you agree with her or not, you can always stalk or pester her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – she swears she won’t sue. Follow Stef dela Cruz at Google+

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