Kitchen is the one of the best go place in our home; who doesn’t like to keep it fully furnished with trendy cooking gadgets and if you are a kitchen gadgets lover, this article might grab your attention about some of the most popular and mush have cooking gadgets or kitchen appliances which are available now a days.

If you love kitchen gadgets, from rice cookers to ice cream makers, you might be interested in reading about some of the most popular cooking appliances around today. There are dozens of useful cooking appliances which help us prepare food and drink quickly. If you used to chat with your friends using your O2 phone while the kettle boiled or the oven heated up, appliances like the Electric Pie Maker and the Text Kettle mean that you no longer have to wait for them to warm up. But what are some of the most useful and inventive cooking gadgets around?

1. Bread Maker

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If you love the smell of freshly baked bread, then you are sure to make good use of a bread maker. Simply pour a packet of bread mix and a cup of water into the machine and press begin. If you put a loaf on to bake before you go to bed, you will wake up in the morning with the delicious smell of fresh bread wafting around the house.

2. Text Kettle

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If you are five minutes from home and you can’t wait to have a cup of tea when you get in, simply SMS your kettle to start it boiling. When you arrive home, the water will be hot and ready to use straight away.

3. Sodastream

Photo by kenworker

This gadget was popular back in the 80s, but now it has made a come back. The Sodastream instantly carbonates anything from water to juice, so with one press of a button, you can make your very own Cola or fizzy juice drink.

4. Electric Pie Maker

Making a pie from scratch can take a very long time, which is why the Electric Pie Maker is so handy. The machine works just like a sandwich toaster does; it consists of two heated plates which close together, cooking whatever is between them. Simply place your pastry in the heated moulds, add your filling and top with another layer of pastry. Then pull down the lid and within ten minutes, your pies will be ready.

5. Bean French Press Coffee Maker

Photo by Hsuanwei

Bean French Coffee Maker is a must-have kitchen gadget for coffee lover. Best thing about this coffee maker is its double-layered wall that keeps coffee hot for many hours. You can easily crush and mix coffee beans, and you will definitely find it time-efficient and kitchen-friendly.

No doubt, a simple easy to use kitchen gadgets can transform your way of cooking and facilitate your life  at your best and thus you can save your precious time either you are on your phone or laptop at the end of closing your deal with a cup of coffee! What say??

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