Progress of technology is at a very fast pace, every other day tech based companies introduce state-of-the-art gadgets to stand firm in the world of tough competition. 2011 was year of tech and companies tried to make people addict of their products, to much extent some renowned companies succeeded in building the brand image among gadget lovers. How can we forget Apple? The company which made people crazy with its products especially iPhones and iPad but the death of Steve Jobs was a great loss. 2012 is expected to be more special as all the leading manufacturers of tech products have planned to launch new and exciting products. Let’s have a look at 10 most talked about tech predictions of 2012;

1. Social Networking Sites


It is predicted that craze of social networking sites will continue in year 2012, Facebook and Twitter are expected to remain dominant. Google is trying its best to come in first line competition through Google+ but it will be hard for it to compete and win leading social networks, let’s see how much pie it will extract by following the strategy of moving on.

2. Smartphones


Craze of Best Smartphones will continue in 2012, as a matter of fact Smartphones are great cause of jealousy especially for wives because all the time they use to complaint that their husbands keep themselves busy with their gadgets and Smartphones during their free time. Jokes apart, same thing is going to happen in 2012 as many exciting Smartphones are expected to be launched. It is predicted that Android will again remain dominant as Operating System and strategic alliance of Nokia and Microsoft is expected to bring fruitful results for customers.

3. Apple Products

Apple TV

Most probably Apple will release iPhone 5 and iPad 3 in first half of 2012. Launch of iPhone 5 was expected in 2011 but several reasons contributed towards its delay and one among them is death of its visionary leader. There are also many chances that Apple will launch TV and this upcoming TV is expected to have many ground breaking features and functions along with latest apps. Integration of this TV with PC will help users to enjoy browsing of social networking sites, in this way real-time interaction with live talk show will be increased and comments of views on Facebook and Twitter will be displayed to viewers. The great thing is viewers will also be able to share what they use to watch on TV to their profiles on social networking sites.  We can expect that broadcast format of advertisements will be improved by Apple TV as it will be more personalized on TVs.

4. Computers Vs Laptops

Popularity of Laptops will continue in 2012 and laptops will be used as substitutes of desktop PCs at a wider level. The shift of human behavior towards laptops is influenced by ultraportable gadgets and tablets which are now available in different appealing models.

5. App World

App World

App World is expected to grow speedily in 2012; reason behind this growth is increasing popularity and use of Smartphones, Tablets, phones and other such gadgets. People love to download their favorite apps on their respective gadgets and use them very often. App finders will be happy to know that several new applications are expected to emerge this year and now users will be able to choose among best of best.

2012 has just started hopefully it will bring lots of improvement and positive changes for tech industry. Customers are really expecting a lot from leading tech giants; let’s see who will be able to win the hearts of desperate gadget lovers and people who love change.

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