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Gmail is one of the most popular webmail services which have been used by most of the people along the globe. The reason behind the fame of this service is that it has been launched by Google and the reputation of Google is very excellent among all the masses. One very exciting thing about Gmail is that it provides space of 1GB to each user and the overall working with this service is also quite fast and efficient. Google Labs have produced some goodies for the Gmail users which can enhance their experience of using Gmail. In this article I am going to discuss some of those cool features which you’ll surely enjoy.

1. Undo Send

Gmail Labs FeaturesThis is a very fantastic facility which you will only enjoy with the Gmail, if you have sent a mail to the wrong receiver or you want to change the wording of you mail after sending then there is always an undo option available which will undo the sent message and let you change the message and then send again.

2. Forgotten Attachment detector

This is another very great facility available for the Gmail users and this application is so intelligent that it scans the wording of the message and if there is something mentioned about attachments then it prompts you if you have not attached the files. Enabling this detector for your Gmail account will always prompt you if you had forgot to attach the files.

3. Vacation time

This is another really exciting feature of Gmail which you can easily turn on and off and while you turn it on you can enter your vacation timing here and thus specify the dates when you’ll not be available or gone out for vacations. Thus it would be good for you to set the vacation timer on.

4. YouTube Previews

If some has sent you a YouTube link by email then there is no need to open it in the next window because when you’ll activate the YouTube previews application then you’ll be able to open the link on the same page where it has been sent. Just like same facilities are provided for facebook and twitter now the Google has also provided you this facility on Gmail as well.

5. Inserting Images

If you want to insert some images into your message then you are not required to follow some steps and then insert the picture. On the tool bar you’ll see the image icon just click that and browse the image from your computer or some external device attached to you computer, on to your message. The bar is provided just above the text field so you’ll not find it hard to view the icon.

These were some of the facilities which are provided to you by Google for Gmail and they make you experience of web mailing more effective and efficient. Some of the applications need to be turned on so you have to find them in the settings and then turn them on to enjoy them at their maximum.

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