Miguel de Cervantes has rightly said “The eyes those silent tongues of love”. Eyes have always been the heart charmers and winged eyeliner is a good way to enhance their beauty. The trend of eyeliner started from Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Some people used it to protect their skin color from the hot desert sun, some used it for power and others used it for decorative purposes. In some cultures, it was also thought that it protected them from the evil eye. Nowadays, it is considered an essential part of makeup. Whether it is your prom party, marriage ceremony or you want to have a casual look, you need to be perfect in applying it. If you don’t know how to apply the eyeliner.

Here are our 5 fantastic tips to beautify your eyes.

1. Eye Pencil Magic

Eye pencil can add magic if you apply it before using eyeliner. Apply the pencil close to the upper lash line. Start it from the inner corner of the eye and then slowly move the pencil in the outward direction. It gives a base to the eyeliner. Then you can use your liquid eyeliner over the lash where you have used the pencil.

Applying eyeliner

2. Wrist flicker

To give it a more winged look, flick your wrist a bit to apply a line where the groove and Eyelid join and take your wrist toward the ending of your brow bone. To avoid shaking of your hands keep your elbow on the tables.

Wrist flicker

3. Color Charisma

The color of eyeliner and even the eye shadow matters. The black winged eyeliner however, looks more charming. However, colored eye shadows can enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Color in the line

4. 24/7 Look

During the day, apply a bit shorter wing line while at night you can extend the line diagonally to beautify your eyes more.

5. Brand Matters

Yes, the brand of eyeliner also matters, else it will wash away with water or tears and wipe out your gorgeous look. Liquid Eyeliner is the best when you select from different Brands. Always prefer some famous brands like maybelline, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen, NP Set Eyeliner, Boots No7 Liquid Eye Liner in Black etc.

Maybelline Eye Liner

So, follow our 5 fantastic tips and make your eyes beautiful with elongated Winged Eyeliner.

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