Laptops have taken the place of  big and bulky desktops. The latest ones are thin and lightweight and easily portable that makes them more demanding among those who love computing. You can take them on a trip, carry them doing shopping or even use them in a car or bus. However, the small size of laptops has led to smaller display screens that can be problematic for those who want big displays and large fonts. We have compiled a list of 5 amazing tips that will help you make the most of your laptop’s screen.

1. Make use of Multiple Virtual Desktops

Multiple displays are useful especially when you are using many apps. You can switch to full-screen mode to get a better view. Whether, you are viewing a Word doc or Web page, Virtual desktops and windows management tools manage the programs more effectively.

WinSplit Revolution is one such useful program that is good for controlling windows. It lets you see the different application windows at the same time. It is free and quickly captures windows to the dimensions and areas.

Finestra Virtual Desktops is also a free program which splits your workspace into multiple desktops. For example, email is given to one virtual desktop, word processing to another and social websites to the third one. You can easily switch among these with the help of hot keys.

2. Shift some tasks to Tablet PC or Smartphone

To make your laptop display free of the extra load, its best to shift some of the tasks to your Smartphone or Tablet. You can read your mails and handle your social contacts on a Smartphone and use a tablet PC for bigger tasks. Similarly, Twitter or Facebook updates, news feeds and other tasks can be performed on a tablet PC.

The laptop screen real estate can also be increased with a tablet PC. Air Display for the iPad is one such app that is available for  $10 and makes your iPad into a second monitor. While, Android tablet users can use  Screen Slider available for $1. However, a software is needed to install both the apps on the laptop to connect the tablet PC to it.

3. Squeeze the programs view

You can squeeze the programs view to make better use of laptop’s small screen. For example, in your browser you can set the font size or the the default page zoom. Similarly , in Microsoft Word you can conceal the ribbon. Furthermore, using the the bookmarks bar on your browser saves a lot of space. Also, Readability is a smart app that helps you to read web pages on laptops small screen easily.

4. Make use of shortcuts to access your data easily

The keyboard shortcuts is a great way to access your data on the laptop’s screen easily. Some useful shortcuts are as follows.

  • Pressing  “Win + Home”  minimize all the windows except the active one
  • Pressing “Win + D” Close all the windows at once
  • Tapping “ALT + Tab” let you quickly preview and select a different open application to use
  • Using “Win + Tab” gives  you a bigger view of the open windows.
  • Tapping “Win and +” opens up Windows’ Magnifier Tool and you can do  fast zooming in and out of any window.

However, you can make your own keyboard shortcuts. You can easily do so by going to the program’s properties and entering your customized key combination in the “Shortcut key” field.

5. Make the Task Bar move out of sight

When you are working on a laptop you don’t always need all the elements on your display like Windows taskbar application programs. To hide the taskbar you need to right-click, then go to Properties and check Auto-hide the taskbar. In this way, the taskbar is hidden. However, if you want to keep the taskbar and still make the most of the laptop’s screen you can move it to the left or right side. ‘Use small icons’ option makes the taskbar icons smaller. It makes your desktop less crowded and more spacious.

So, enjoy computing on laptop  small screen with our 5 amazing tips get an outstanding multitasking experience.

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