If you’ve got your eyes on a hot new motor, you’ve probably already asked yourself the big question. Should you buy brand new, or choose a used model? It’s every car buyer’s big dilemma. Today, we’re firmly on Team Used-Car. And, we’ll tell you why. In today’s market, there’s very little need to invest your hard-earned money in a brand new vehicle. Unless, of course, you simply can’t get enough of that new car smell. But, is that really worth the price tag?

Used cars are no longer the old bangers they once were. Modern cars are built to an excellent spec. In terms of safety, reliability, and power, you won’t lose out with a second-hand model. Of course, do be careful when choosing your preferred used car. Take the time to complete all the relevant checks, and ensure the service history is clean. Take the car for a test-drive and ask lots of questions. Get it right, and the used car market is the way to go. Here’s why:

1. Choice

Did you know that over 7 million used cars are sold in this country every year? That’s a phenomenal market; more than double the new car sales. With that number of vehicles out there, you’re bound to find the perfect one for you. You can even look online through auctions and private sellers. One downside to buying used is the inability to pick the exact spec of the car. You can’t ask the manufacturer for a certain colour, a bigger stereo, or the optional extras. But, if you look hard enough, we’re convinced you’ll find exactly what you want on the used market.

2. Price

Naturally the biggest factor here is price. Second-hand cars come with a much lower price tag. That’s all thanks to depreciation. When you buy a brand new car, it loses around 5% of its value the second it drive off the forecourt. Two years later, and it could be worth only half what you paid for it. Ouch! Buy a two year old car, and you cut out this entire process. You’ll pay half the price, and still get a car in decent condition.

3. Reliability

In the past, buying a used car was a risky strategy. You never knew what demons were lurking under the bonnet. Nowadays, cars are built to last for up to 100,000 miles, or ten years on average driving. Some even have seven-year factory warranties. If you pick up a three-year-old car, that’s four years of guaranteed reliability left! You certainly can’t argue with that. Of course, remember to take a look at the engine condition, and dive into the service history. Make sure there are no hidden skeletons.

4. Reputable dealers

The used car market was once associated with dodgy dealers and sleazy characters. Not anymore. More than half of second-hand cars are sold by a reputable used car dealer. They’ll give you the quality of service you’d expect from a new seller, and even a dealer warranty. Buying a used car is no longer such a big gamble.

Have we convinced you? A lower price, good reliability, and trustworthy dealers. What’s not to love?

Image Credit:  Todd Lappin

An aspiring filmmaker, a part time teacher and writer, and most importantly a chai addict, Aleena Mashhood shares her views from time to time on various interesting blogs.

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