Before the world was introduced to iPhone, mobile gaming wasn’t considered a lucrative and viable gaming platform. iPhone with its support for gaming, motion sensing and ability to render 3D graphics quickly changed that and the rest as they say is history.

Here’s a look at the best 3D games for iPhone that every iPhone owner should get.

Uber Racer 3D

Uber Racer 3D deserves the first spot on the list of best 3D games for iPhone, as it pushes the 3D genre to its limits with ingenious innovations. Completely 3D menu, realistic motor sounds and realistic car physics are the salient features of the game. While drifting, the players would have to take into consideration suspension, speed etc. This endows the game with a feel like sitting in the cockpit of one of these speedsters. The game is developed by Mad Processor, who has rendered the 3D world within the game very convincingly across 10 levels. There are various race modes to keep things fresh and a dozen or so vehicles at player’s disposal. The game has recently received an update and is available from iTunes for $0.99.

Resident Evil Degeneration

The T-Virus that brought upon the plague of the walking undead strikes again. Only you playing as Leon Kennedy can save the airport where the plane full of infected people has crash landed. Everyone within the vicinity is infected, so this is not going to be an easy mission. The game has some clunky control issues but that doesn’t diminish its overall immersive and addictive quality. The graphics are nicely rendered, but the major complain I had, was the short duration i.e. 3 hours. The game is available from iTunes for $4.99.

Assassins Creed – Altair Chronicles

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Assassins Creed – Altair Chronicles is the most awesome 3D game, which has been developed for iPhone. In fact I’d place it as a viable contender for one of the top 3D games for iPhone. What I like about the game is that no compromises were made in developing this 3D game for iPhone! The action is fast paced; there are stealth moves and assassinations, puzzles to be solved and of course an open world to explore. The historical events that transpire plus the cinematic cut scenes ( just like you’d see on any major gaming console ) as well as voice acting would keep you glued to your iPhone for hours at a time. Assassins Creed – Altair Chronicles can be procured from iTunes for $4 .99 and is worth every cent!

Chaos Rings

When it comes to making RPG games, Square Enix have proved that platform doesn’t matter. Chaos Rings can be called the defacto RPG for iPhone platform by virtue of its polished 3D graphics, audio and in game sounds. The story, as can be expected from the makers of Final Fantasy series, is intricately woven with its fair share of twists and turns as well as multiple endings, secret bosses and arsenal of hidden weapons. This is one game that fully leverages the 3D rendering capabilities of iPhone and uses them to the max! The result is a beautiful game which had me singing its praises only after a short time into it. The players are presented with two onscreen characters and have to select one as their protagonist. Each of these characters has a different story which varies from the other. My only regret while purchasing this game was the steep price that iTunes was charging. At $12.99, this game can be a bit over the budget.

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