Amazon Kindle

The third generation Amazon Kindle is greatly acknowledge by the people. That’s why it is made available in stores across UK on Friday, 11 March 2011. People can get it from the CarPhone Warehouse and Best Buy. Wi-Fi version of Amazon Kindle is available in £111, whereas 3G version that works on Amazon Whisper net is priced £ 152.

Gordon Willoughby, who is the European director of Kindle said, “We are please to be working with the CarPhone Warehouse and Best Buy to offer the Kindle devices in stores”. On the other hand Chief Commercial Officer for Best Buy Europe said,” I am delighted that we can offer the latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G to our customers at Best Buy and the CarPhone Warehouse stores”

It will be great gift for the readers who love to read e-Books. Kindle’s reading look like real paper reading and one can use it even in bright sunlight. Storage capacity of Kindle is awesome; one can download and upload many books. Amazon Kindle is really a revolution in the field of e-book readers.

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