2011 was truly a year of technological race; in the very starting months many gadget providers introduced Tablets which became very popular among gadget lovers. Apple remained the eminent one in the field of gadgets and won hearts of million of people with its amazing and innovative products. On the other side, death of Steve Jobs was a great loss for this leading gadget company because he was its leading visionary leader and an inspirational factor for the whole team. Let’s see what will be the fate of Apple without this amazing man.

Let’s have a look on important and much talked about changes of tech world in 2011;

Microsoft and Windows 8

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Microsoft created hype about introduction of Windows 8; its preview for developers was launched in September 2011. A part from this, lots of information was provided about this upcoming operating system and its usefulness for Tablets. The boasting of its launch not only affected Microsoft but also many other leading tech based companies which signed agreement with it. For instance, Nokia and Microsoft signed a multi-billion dollar deal in order to manufacture Windows Phone with new and improved Operating System. The second strategic move was the agreement with Skype which was worth US $8.5 billion; the hidden reason for this deal was to challenge Google.

Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

In 2011, Smartphones were given a new life by Android and helped the Smartphones manufacturers to capture 52% market share. Improved version which is commonly known as Ice-Cream Sandwich stirred new waves of competition in the gadget market. Android powered phones and gadgets i.e. (Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet) won the hearts of many people.



It will not be wrong to say that 2011 was year of Tablets and the credit of most successful launch goes to Apple. iPad 2 stirred exciting and energetic  waves of competition in the Tablet market and many rivals tried to come in first line of competition with the launch of equally super technical and competitive Tablets with state-of-the-art features. Most eminent among them was HP which launched its TouchPad kind of Slate PC. RIM, Motorola and some other tech oriented companies also provided stunning and smart Tablets to users.

It is anticipated that 2012 will bring improved technical products for users who love to buy gadgets with astonishing features. Leading gadget manufacturers are busy in designing timeline for the launch of their upcoming products, keep your fingers crossed as new doors of tech world are about to open.

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