After every single second that pass by we come across with new technology being introduced in the market which is ultimately for the convenience of human being. Human brains are continuously looking and searching for things which make the other world to be proud of their inventions and discovery. These technologies are making life more convenient in one way or the other. Talking about the technologies which are being introduced and are on continuous hunt in machines i.e. cars they are as follows.


Internet is already been available in our cars and we can access, browse and surf wherever we are. Mobile phone connections and music file play back are the facilities that our end users are already enjoying. Now the question arise if your car’s windshield start to play as a graphical overlay of data then what would be your reaction to this? Obviously you would be amazed to have your communication ways being so convenient. The portable communications instruments and other computing devices are on their way to give you the digital facilities of data. Real life would be presented to you as a graphical Data on your windshield.


Nobody wants to use those batteries which stores electric power but still works inefficiently. Technology should be advanced to save drivers and machine lovers from the inefficient usage of car batteries. Currently this is the motto for every energy storage system to introduce such technology which could help them save them from inefficiency. Talking about the available machine i.e. Jaguar’s C-X75 now offers another electro hybrid power i.e. 80,000 rpm micro turbines power generation which is less noisy and more efficient in storing the electric power to generate. This technology can easily run on any combustible fuel.


Sooner a technology is coming up which has the main motto of avoiding accidents on road. Your car will tell you when to apply brakes and avoid the other car to hit you and cause any losses. This remarkable technology will definitely help out in saving lots of causalities that occurred due to careless drives and accidents. This is a more efficient step towards making driving safe; your machine will tell you how to control your speed, to apply brakes, and to tell you if another vehicle is coming by your side. Cars will talk to each other to direct operations on the road and the driver will just sit and wonders what this machine has got for him.


Adding lightness in your automobiles enforce the feature of using less steel in the body with advanced casting techniques to follow. Low fuel consumption is the requirement of every buyer when he wants to buy car to make it more convenient in daily routine. To gain that technology when fuel consumption is efficient enough for the buyer, the need is to make significant cuts to curb weights by using lighter material.

The new technology demands the less usage of steel, advanced casting techniques and hypereutectic alloy transit the way aluminum was being produced and new ways are being followed to remedial times. The technology is being used to make the parts lighter so that machine weighs less and more efficient.


As the strict fuel economic standards are coming up, fuel rates are getting higher and higher day by day. Automobile engineers are aware of manufacturing a machine which reduces scrounging and pumping losses.

This includes clutched alternators, electric water and oil pumps, and stop-start systems. Though may be individually they are contributing to less fuel saving but overall this need to be considered seriously as a matter of potential loss. As the industry is moving and growing quickly, every drop of a fuel counts so the technology has to come up and take over these standards


The main purpose of this technology is to compensate the machine lovers to make longer   fuel economy by up to 15 percent so that a proper advantage can be taken of burning diesel be blast off. It will employ direct fuel injections which will vary from speedier. When the vehicle is on high speed acceleration then diesel style compression and when it’s on low speed then Otto cycle spark ignition. The motto is to have less expensive and lighter material, four stroke gasoline engines and a compression of diesel ignition.


Technology has come up with more safety measure to the drivers in the form of unconventional air bags which are more of hot balloons safety belts i.e. inflatable. This technology completely saves the children from any mishaps during accidents. This softening blow spread up to the defined position to save from hurting. Ford has introduce this new technology with shaped driver airbags which has a purpose to save chest from hurting, computer vented bags which can vary from size depending on the position of the driver and the passenger.

Bending the Wind:

This technology has already been introduced and used ,ongoing continuous working are on their way.Ferrai is using this technology as it is serving a flexible airfoils in its grille that directly bends with the air speed. It reduces drag and aerodynamics lift. Considering the comparatively cheaper automobile which is providing this technology is Chevrolet Cruze Eco with open or close grille which works depending on the speed and cooling needs of the car. More work is under progress which will bring more effective technology and efficiently in this to facilitate the end user.

The Grid gets smarter

The purpose of this technology is to make the electric grid smarter and increase overall electrical grid capacity.

Southern California Edison is renovating with high technology meters that can charge up the volt and makes the grid run faster. This would help the drivers to also utilize the unused capacity during off-peak hours. It allows the convenience of a sizeable fleet of EVs without increasing the overall electrical grid capacity.


The glowing light bulb is on the strike out list of vehicles. Spearheaded by Audi, cooler, less-energy-consumptive light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are getting more dominant, competent, and consistent. They’re already being used to give cars light up its front side and other captivating outlook features of cars that quickly identify its automobile brands. This technology has now in position to take over all exterior and interior lighting of cars. Taking the example of Audi and Cadillac give their customers LED headlights. Less cost ultimately increases the buying behavior.

Thus these above mentioned technologies are just at the doorsteps which are here to cater the needs of end users. The technology is being growing at rapid speed which has the main motto to facilitate and make life convenient and more protective. From the small screw to the depth of engine it has to be more efficient and user friendly. That’s what our automobile engineers are doing after every single second, introducing us with amazed efficient features.

This is an ongoing process which is never ending until we make our machines flawless. The modification on ongoing basis has lead to make things more cost effective and user friendly. Future technologies that are coming up have the purpose to make life easier and protective.

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