The Ralliart by Mitsubishi Lancer is a hybrid of a different kind and it takes inspiration from the other existing models of Lancer. The engine seems to be taken straight from the Evo X and is 2.0 MIVEC but is somehow detuned due to the intake as well as the ECU changes. The exhaust is again taken from the former and the structure is similar to the Lancer GTS. Simply put, it takes bits and pieces from all the models and tries to set up a model that includes the best features out of all of these. The main intention behind such a model is to bring forward a combination of class and comfort.


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The car has a lot of interesting features and is priced at a little less than $27k and hence it also becomes one of the affordable cars in the present day. The gearbox is extremely simple and contains only the dual-clutch manumatic. Mitsubishi prefers to call this system the Twin-Clutch SST and it successfully provides fast and positive shifts.


Apart from the paddle shifters, this car is believed to possess the best interiors and is appropriate for the compact cars in its class. The materials used for decorating the interiors are decent textured and they are of hard plastics with a pretty dull sheen.

Apart from other compact cars that we have seen in the market prior to this one, the doors close down with a concave metallic sound that reminds of the Civic before two decades. There are airbags scattered all over the interiors but some more metal would enhance the whole look.

The steering wheel is imitated from the Evo X as well as the point and shoot handling is borrowed from the AWD. Although the good electronics as well the engine make the car run so smooth that it actually gives you an experience of running a toy. The seats are 60/40 split folded and the trunk stays neat without the intervention from the battery. You can at times be tempted of using this car as a race car.

Mitsubishi’s Lancer Ralliart can be a lot of fun, especially to an average car buyer who doesn’t have to compromise on any feature along with an affordable price tag attached to it.

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  1. Wow!!! What a car….Sporty, affordable and reliable…
    Mitsubishi Lancer has always given a kind of sporty look to its each and every model. But this one is truly way ahead of the other models. All the features discussed above really make it one of a kind. I am truly convinced that this car would do a lot of business for the company.
    But the best part about this car is that Mitsubishi has chosen most of the features from the Evo X, which is a successful model indeed..
    Good work Mitsubishi….!!!

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  3. I would appreciate it if you provided a link to my website for the use of my photo on your website.

    While I have photographs on my flickr page as creative commons attribute-license, that photo is not one of them. If you provide a link to my website as requested, I will allow you to keep using the image.


  4. @Scott – DONE

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