Now even an embryo will have the pleasure of experiencing great music. The recent advancements in digital audio have made for the greatest highlight in MP3 systems. It seems like that every baby will be owning his or her own MP3 even before they step out of the womb. This is latest system will be working on P2P network.

 sCredit: techradar

Scientists and researchers at the Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering and Technology in Gonda, India, have been working at this device for long. They have come with this extremely advanced MP3 player that is going to be safe for the pre-born embryo. Their MP3 would be transmitting soundwaves to the growing embryo. This can even work as a great alert system and can even monitor fetal heart conditions.

The P2P audio network can thus monitor and alert any heart system in the pre-born, bringing new developments in health control. This is thus as all-in-all monitoring system that will make listening to the womb an easier process. This device will be based on small acoustic sensors that will understand the rate as well as condition of the heart. This information feed device will also be connected to the internet, making any kind of updates to it quite adaptable.

Source: techradar

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