G1 Android is one of the most competent rivals of iPhone, especially when we look at the wide range of applications and updates present and on the way for G1. Today, we will look at few applications for G1 Android that can boost the functionality of the phone as well as provide fun moments to the users.

1. Tailor the Home screen:

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Do you want to make the home screen of your G1 look according to your wish? Do you need instant access to certain applications and menus? Then drag them from the pull-out menu on to your home page. When you get tired of looking at any of such dragged icons, simply press and hold it till there is a trash can shown on the screen. Pull the selected icon in to the trash bin, and you are done.

2. Push Email:

Email update frequency can be changed and set according to user’s preference. If you want your mobile phone to update your emails every five minutes, you can set it to the required frequency, or you can also tell the mobile not to alert you unless and until you ask for it. To change the frequency, go to Menu in Email, then Accounts settings and then Email Frequency. Set it according to your preference.

3. Memory check:

If you want to check how much memory is left in your memory card or in your G1’s inbuilt storage; go to the Menu from your home page, move to Settings and there you will see SD Card and Phone Storage. Here, you can check the remaining storage capacity.

4. Purify your Apps List:

There is no need to retain unused apps on your menu list as they are good for nothing; also they capture significant space. Delete them to make enough room for new apps and if you feel that the deleted ones are needed, download them again effortlessly.

5. Battery Saving Measure 1:

Battery life is a concern in most of the portables, whether they are phones or computers. So is the case with G1 Android’s battery. But there are certain measures that you can adopt in order to prevent the excess usage of the precious battery. One of these methods is to shut the screen down when you have finished using the phone. Press the end key, and you are done.

6. Battery Saving Measure 2:

Go to the settings menu>Sound and Display>Brightness. Reduce the brightness level, as the G1 comes with wonderful brightness level that even at the lowest setting, the screen is absolutely viewable. Reducing the screen timeout is another measure to save the battery life, where the minimum time is 15 seconds.

7. Battery Saving Measure 3:

Turning off the wireless apps when you are not using them is a nice habit. Turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS from Settings>Wireless Controls. Turning 3G off is another appreciable action.

8. Battery Saving Measure 4:

If you are badly into saving battery, then you can opt for the extreme measures like turning the ringer off and relying wholly upon the vibration of your G1.

9. Notifications:

Whenever you want to get notified of new alerts, you can always drag the screen downwards to expose the Notifications Page that contains important alerts like missed calls, pending emails, downloads, etc.

10. The Apps Store:

Market icon in the menu is your gateway to a world containing innumerable applications, and many apps are constantly being added to this marketplace. A lot of these third party apps are free, and anyone at all can download them. Why not benefit from such a chance?

11. Wikitude:

This is an application that you can download from the Market of G1. Wherever you are, this application will inform you about the local points of interest according to your location. Places on the map will be highlighted. This app uses GPS and Wikipedia for attaining the vital info.

12. Zombies!

How would you feel if you know that there is a zombie coming your

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way from the back street? This fun application uses GPS to know your location and tells you from where zombies are coming to attack you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

13. Video Player:

If you think that you can take your G1 out of the box and begin playing videos on it; you are at mistake! You have to download the Video Player from the Market to enable the phone to play MPEG4 or 3GPP files.

14. Locked or Unlocked:

If tying to a single network irritates you like anything; do not go for a G1 right now rather wait till the next year to buy one. Next year, you won’t have to go through the fuss of sticking to one network with your Android.

15. Search:

If you want to search online for a word or terminology or anything else, Google might be the most helpful tool you can access. You can get a quick access to Google toolbar by pressing the search key (the one with a magnifying glass on it) on the keyboard, and search for whatever you want.

These were some tricks and tips for you benefit the most out of your G1 Android. Hope this article proves helpful to all of the G1 holders. Meet you next time with something more interesting.

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