Ring out the old and bring in the new, that’s what we say to welcome the New Year. It is a general feeling that what will the New Year hold for all of us and with anticipated breath we wait and watch for all the good to happen. Similar is the situation when it comes to electric gizmos and gadgets, we want the better and best. Lets us take a close look as to what 2012 has in store for us.

1. Windows 8

Everything about Microsoft just gets better. So with Windows 8 soon to be launched by mid 2012, it promises many changes and addition as compared to the Windows 7. To start with Windows 8 to support the ARM processor along with the Intel chips for desktop which makes it operational on tablets as well. With the introduction of the Ribbon UI, the old drop down feature changes completely and users are looking for the new interface,  an arrangement and setup of an Windows 8 app store finally preloaded with internet explorer 10. Isn’t that quite a lot. This one’s going to be a tough fight to its competitors Apple and Google.

2. Ice Cream Phone Galaxy Nexus

Ice Cream Phone Galaxy Nexus

The much awaited Android 4.0 has already been launched by joint collaboration of Google and Samsung last yearend 2011 and awaiting its fate in 2012. Fondly known as the Ice cream sandwich phone, Google’s very own Galaxy Nexus is the first to receive this OS. Hyped even before its launch it attracted many users.  With Super AMOLED HD 4.65” wide screen, it is designed with style, is easy and convenient and powered with the LTE. The button less design with virtual buttons makes navigation simple and providing ample personal space, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, zero shutter lag, full HD Capture. Galaxy Nexus looks pretty appetizing, let’s hope the Android 4.0 OS comes a winner in the race.

3. Quad Core Mobile Phones

LG Optimus 2X

It was dual core that ruled 2011 with the launch of LG Optimus 2X that’s history, now 2012 will introduce the Quad Core processors allowing Multitasking to be much easier or rather comfortable on your cell phone as on your desktop. Working through the palm of your hands and at the touch of your fingers. That would really be a great innovation. Extra core definitely means extra power, extra features and what you will have in hand will be a faster Smartphone. And what the Tech Buzz doing the rounds is the launch of the First ever Quad Core Smartphone by HTC.

4. Sony and Apple eyeing on the Smart TV

Sony the brand that speaks for itself among the best manufactures of Television in the industry are planning to design a new interactive Smart TV  which will be compatible with cell phones, desktops, tablets and laptops . Apple with its innovation has always been welcomed and they definitely stand apart and they too are working on upgrading their Smart TV for the Apple moment. Thanks to their founder the late Steve Jobs who showed the world technology the Apple way. But we all need to wait and watch for this smart launch.

5. Overflowing with Tablets

Photo by blogeee.net

Ever since its launch the Tablets have become so popular that it’s a tough competition among the manufacturers to come with better features to showcase their products. The Android tablets are said to come up with a variety of new Tablets and players across the globe the likes of Microsoft, Acer Nokia, and Apple are at their best. This seems to be the year of the Tablets as quoted by BSkyB. Hail Tablets

6. Apple iPad 3

Photo by Jennifer Maddrell

When its 2 you definitely want a 3, that’s exactly what the Apple is doing. Soon after its launch of the iPad 2, Apple is all set to design the iPad 3. Apple is in the news and always an eye grabber because they come up with the best and every launch is much hyped about. So the supposedly Apple iPad 3 is rumoured to be having a retina display, the first of its kind, two screen sizes to be made available, possibility of working on the quad core A6 processor with 4G LTE.  Let’s wait for the launch.

7. Make over with  Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

This popular social network site had lined up something spectacular for Facebook with the sheer hardwork and teamwork of its designers and programmer  and engineers to come up with the so called Facebook Timeline  which is  a major make over , new look to Facebook and was upgraded last year towards the end. Full credit to its team for the effort taken and giving the smashing result. A project  which has completely changed the way the profile pages used to be with is most important core technology of MySQL/InnoDB for storage and replication, Multifeed (the technology that powers News Feed) for ranking, Thrift for communications and Memcached for caching On

8. Lytro Cameras have you heard about this

Photo by Steve Rhodes

The world around through the lens of a Lytro. The  digital world is revolutionised by these fabulous Cameras which are sleek, rectangular, cute adorable and gives a stunning performance with a variety of models like  the Entry-levels, SLRs, DSLRs, dig cams, Micro Four Third. Being super light this camera unique feature is it allows changing focus even after clicking later on and there is no convention delay. Performs well even in lowlight without a flash and has an 8x optical zoom lens. It is a must have in your knapsack and is available in 8GB and 16GB models with a good storage capacity.

9. Nikon D800

Nikon the company already has come up with the Nikon D4 DSLR, which seems to be fantastic but is lining up the D800 for 2012 but no idea about its date of launch. What the techno buzz has heard. All set and done it has been rumoured to be really impressive and promises sensor resolution which is almost three times higher and a bigger display. With very little information floating we can’t give much of a specification but sure hope that it will be the best and something we all are looking forward to.

10. Macbooks-Affordable ultrabooks

Apple Macbooks

Everything in the world just seems to be shrinking and getting sleek. From the basic table top jumbo monitor to the much hyped ultra books, technology is just advancing. Are these Ultra books really affordable? All competitors’ are just getting hands on the latest technology and making it likeable. No sooner have the sales and demand for Macbooks increased that all eyes are set on them in short on Ultra Books.

11. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

The super duper gaming console has come up with the Wii U which offers a 6.”Touch screen 1080 high definition graphics with sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, a camera, speaker and a built in microphone. Games can be saved and stored using Flash memory or SD Cards. It’s already out and has some exciting compatible games stored like Super Mario and many more.

12. Playstation Vita

Play stations portables being a rage among children as well as elders its  success has motivated the company to work on new features and changes so what  Sony is going to offer now is the Playstation Vita . With the new quad core processor this one’s really more impressive that the ipad 2 ppi. Elegantly designed this 5 inch OLED multi capacity touch screen is 24 bit colour with a resolution of 960 × 540 qHD with a pixel density of 220ppi. A fabulous gadget to look forward to

13. XBOX 360

With lot of play stations and next generation game console on the increase the XBOX 360 have tough rivals with Sony Play station 3 and Wii U. All designed with terrific personal and social features like cloud storage where one can store live games, beacons, enhance family settings, face book sharing, and voice and gesture control. The XBOX 360 can be a wonder box.

14. Sony Ericsson Xperia S

Sony Ericsson Xperia S

Sony Ericssion also to launch and showcase the Xperia S and ion Smartphone’s.  Fine product for fine users. A great phone with all the best technology into it. It takes you t a different world altogether. This android phone with an 8.1 megapixel screen is a treat to all users who want a camera phone

15. Apple iPhone 5

Any product from Apples Basket is much anticipated about so is the Apple iPhone 5 as it claims of using the latest technology advancement of the A5 processor chip, super resolution camera, the icloud feature and all this with a four inch screen. The Apple iPhone 4S had been disappointing after its launch, due to its lack of any advanced technology except for the fact that it boasted of an 8 megapixel camera which was excellent. So something better than the iPhone 4S is what we need to wait for.

These are the fifteen most anticipated gadgets for the year 2012. All this and much more from across the globe is working on these gadgets to make the year 2012 just abundant and overflowing with products and gadgets  worth the price and its advancement. January has just set in let’s wait to see the year long what else can really be an eye catcher.

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