Games are a zeal for game lovers. They are never contented and games are like oxygen for them. They enjoy playing different games and fulfill their passion. Whether they are battle games, action wars, racing cars or a little Mario, they are evenly popular among gamers of all ages. Not only kids love to play the online games but also adults equally enjoy gaming. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is one of the genres of games where multiplayer interacts with each other in a virtual game world.

These browser games are not only easy and handy to play with action controls but if they are free then they are a real treat for game lovers. So, game lovers have a lot of choices to play free browser games whether they are shooting or fighting games, sports games, and social games. You can have a look at our list of 15 best free browser games whether single player, multiple player, or MMORPG games.

1. RuneScape

  • Play something Royal

Rune Scape is the e Guinness World Records holder game developed in 2001. It is massively popular and an MMORPG game. The theme is medieval with kingdoms, cites and countries and there are different environments. The game has magical weapons to kill different type of monsters. The RuneScape 2 version and HD version is also available.

2. Travian

  • Prepare your army

Travian is a free multiplayer browser game which will let you build up your army and fight with your allies. The graphics are amazing and the action is live.

3. Fre eRealms

  • xGet into the magical World

FreeRealms was released in 2009 and features a sacred grove magical world. Its different versions are available to play free in your browser whether you are using a PC, palystaion3 or Mac.

4. War of Legends

  • Hold your Sword to become a legend

War of Legends is a battle game based on ancient Chinese theme. In this game Players become the Lord of the kingdom. There are different cities and different levels and let you have a real action experience with your virtual sword.

5. Quake live

  • Get into the action with shooting style

Quake life gives you a shooting experience with massive weapons & armors. There are different gaming modes. You can play it in your browser whether Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 2+, Google Chrome, and Safari 3+ web browsers and get into the fighting arena.

6. Power Soccer

  • Hit the Ball

Now play the with the soccer ball and improve your soccer skills for free with this free browser game and enjoy the 3D gaming experience.

7. Battlefield Heroes

  • Get into the battle with your beloved heroes

Battlefield Heroes is a carton style action with all the battlefield options, players with deadly weapons and avatars appearances.

8. FusionFall

  • Play with your favorite cartoon characters

FusionFall is the free browser game which will let you get into the battle world with cartoon network heroes.

9. Lord’s Online

  • Fight in the magical world

Lord’s Online is another free game to give you shooting experience and you can play in the magical world.

10. Continuity

  • Walkthrough the corridors and get amazed

Continuity let you experience the gaming action with deadly weapons and your enemy can be hidden behind any walkthrough.

11. Intruded

  • Be aware an intruder might be there

Pick up your weapons as intruded is a best game to enter into the mystery world.

12. Impasse

  • Solve the puzzle

Impasse is the free browser game for those who love puzzles. Solve the puzzle and enjoy impasse.

13. 7 Dragons

  • Race with the magical creatures

7 Dragons is the free browser games in which you can play with monsters, demons, elves, dragons and combat in different themed cities and wild lands.

14. Super Mario Brothers Crossover

  • Enjoy with Mario

In this free browser game super Mario plays with Samus, Link, Mega Man, Simon and Bill R and different levels are updated, the more you play.

15. AdventureQuest

  • Join an adventure

AdventureQuest let you discover the adventure world with Wizard, Ninja, Vampire Slayer, Rogue, Knight, Mage, Paladin, Dragonslayer. All you need a browser and Macromedia Flash plugin to play this free browser game.

So, all the game lovers out there quench your thirst for games with these best 15 free browser games.

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