The OS X Mountain Lion is the Apple’s latest version of operating system that was introduced at Apple’s developer conference in June. With more than 200 new features, it is a great platform for Mac users. It features iCloud, integration with Facebook and Twitter, Messages, Reminders, Notifications and Dictation and some other cool features. The intention is to collaborate among various Apple devices. We have compiled a list of 15 features of OS X Mountain Lion that according to us are the best.

1. iCloud

iCloud is the most innovative cloud-syncing service that lets you share your content. It monitors all your content and stores your data for later use.

2. Mission Control

Mission Control is a cool feature that not only let you see all of the applications running on your computer as well as all of the Spaces available to you. You can also view any single apps in open windows and previous  few documents that were edited in that app. It thus provides a smart way to make the MacBook screen more useful.

3. Updated Safari

The updated Safari is the most advanced web browser that provides a new unified search field which makes searching easy and you don’t need to get in the fuss of separate fields for URLs and web searches. It also provides you suggestions for searching and tells you how to use information from the web, as well as from your bookmarks and browsing history to make your search valuable.
iCloud Tabs is an exciting feature that let you access to all of the open links on your iCloud devices including Macs, iPhones and iPad. The Reading List feature is also updated that let you store entire pages instead of links. The sharing features let you quickly send website links to Facebook or Twitter.

4. Messages

Messages is the smart messaging app that keeps track of the conversations with other iCloud users.  The chat interface let you to do conversations with friends, share photos, documents and HD videos. A FaceTime call can also be done with iMessage feature.

5. Upgraded Notifications

The fuss of different notifications will not bother you now as the Notification Center is upgraded. You can now easily manage your events such as email messages, tweets and calendar alerts. Notifications can be viewed quickly and multi-touch gestures let you swipe two fingers from right to left to expose Notification Center. All the recent Notifications are organized and social networks are also updated.

6. Air Play

Air Play is a unique feature that lets you enjoy your Mac content on TV. It allows you to mirror any presentation or web page on your TV easily.

7. Notes and Reminders

Notes and Reminders keep you updated. Notes can be shared via Mail or Messages using the Share button. Reminders let you add to-dos and the location-based reminders alert you when you reach at or leave a particular location. If the list of reminders grows long, you can even use a search feature to locate a particular reminder.

8. Group as a Folder

A lot of folders can be irritating and can clutter your workspace. The folders are full of images and screenshots of various projects are often present on the desktop. Group as a Folder saves you from making a separate folder, opening each folder and dragging the contents in from each of them before uploading. With this feature you can choose two or more folders, or even files and select the option ‘Folder from Selection’ that will make a new bright folder of all the selections.

9. Social Integration

Now social networking is a fun as you can easily sign in to a number of social networks including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Vimeo. You can add friends, share links and photos and receive notifications. Facebook integration also upgrades your Mac’s contacts list as it puts all the info about your Facebook friends in the address book.

10. Exciting Game Center

Gamers don’t get disappointed as the exciting Game Center will give you an amazing gaming experience. All you need to do is to have a Game Center account and you can easily access your favorite games. You can play games against friends or recommended opponents whether the other player is using a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod touch. The Game  Center also provides head-to-head games, turn-based games and all the Mac gaming that you can wish for.

11. Dictation

When typing is tiresome, the Dictation feature seems a blessing. All you have to do is to speak via your Mac’s built-in microphone and your speech is converted to  text. The Fn key initiates the feature and the most amazing thing about Dictation is that you can even add punctuation like commas and exclamation marks and inform your Mac to begin a new line of text. Currently , American, Australian and UK English , French, German and Japanese languages are supported. However, an internet connection is needed to analyze your speech remotely on Apple’s server. You can not only recognize people in your contacts list but also compose emails in almost 30 seconds.

12. Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is achieved by a new feature called as Gatekeeper. It only allows you to download apps from the Mac App Store or recognized developers so that no malicious software can access your computer.

13. Local Time Machine

Don’t worry about the backup as the Time Machine is an excellent feature that automatically back up your Mac. But you have to remain connected to an external drive or Time Capsule. It can save files locally and the local backups with your Time Machine are achieved when you log in.

14. QuickTime video rotation

QuickTime video rotation is useful and handy feature that let you align any of the video that is accidentally shot in the wrong direction on the iPhone or with the orientation lock on. This feature allows you to easily  and flip around the video and then you can easily upload it to YouTube.

15. Power Mode

Now you don’t have to be concerned about the power. The Power feature keeps your Mac up-to-date when it is in sleep mode. Power Nap regularly checks for updates to Mail, Calendar, and the Photo Stream so that most updated data is available to you when you log in to your Mac.  It also sends backups to download system and Time Capsule.

So, enjoy computing as OS X Mountain Lion has got some roaring features.

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