Technology has not only brought revolution but also made us dependent. Tech devices have made our lives easier and owning an expensive Android Device is definitely a cool thing these days. However, once you have lost or misplaced it the whole world seems upside down. Your daily schedule is disturbed, your contacts are lost and what more you have lost an expensive thing. But don’t panic, we have listed 10 simple ways that will help you find your misplaced Android device.

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1. GPS tracking

GPS Tracking is the best way to find your lost gadget. Where’s My Droid is an amazing app that helps in doing so by setting the ringer up and on full-blast by sending a text message.

2. Contact Owner

You can also adjust the settings of your device by updating the Contact Owner. If someone takes your device they instantly get to know about the owner.

3. Antivirus Protection

Antivirus security not only helps in Android device tracking but also protects it from thieves and viruses. . AVG AntiVirus and Lookout Security & Antivirus are the two apps that are most useful. AVG AntiVirus locks your device remotely and you can find it easily using Google Maps. However, Web tracking is a special feature of Lookout Security & Antivirus.


Now you can also track the thief of your lost stolen device with the iTag service. This service lets you know about the location and the new phone number of the person who has stolen the phone. Data backup, tracking and locating of the device is done via GPS

5. AndroidLost app

AndroidLost is a cool app that can be controlled remotely to locate your Android device. It works by playing a siren and locating your device on Google Maps via text messages or the AndroidLost website. To get hands on your misplaced device, you need a PC with internet and check your email to find your device.

6. Lookout

Look out is a security app that you need to install on your pone before it is lost. It protects your phone from theft and viruses.

7. Service Provider Security

Service and Network providers are also a great help in locating your misplaced device. T- Mobile and Verizon provides such Android apps. You can also easily get them from Android Market.

8. MacAfee WaveSecure

MacAfee WaveSecure not only provides security to your Android phone by data back but also tracks your stolen device. UnInstallation Protection is a cool feature that doesn’t allow anyone else to uninstall this app .Also if someone changes the simcard the phone is locked.

9. Anti Droid Theft

Now you can also see where your stolen Android smartphone is?? Anti Droid Theft is a free app to help you find your lost phone. It features a spy camera that uses built-in GPS and takes photos of your lost device through Anti Droid Theft website.

10. Plan B

Plan B is always useful. All you have to do is to install this app from Android Market using your Google account. Plan B will send mails on your Gmail account about the current location of your lost device, including accuracy in meters, GPS coordinates, and a Google Map that shows the probable location.

Now you don’t have to worry about your lost Android device as you can locate it with our 10 easy ways.

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