Android has become the much talked about mobile operating system, the people who are using this operating system and seeking some apps that can benefit them should consider the following apps which have become must have these days.

New Free Android Apps

The good thing about these free Android apps is that all are free and you do not need to pay in order to get these apps on your android gadgets.

1. Opera Mini

People who are looking for browser for their android phones should try the Opera Mini; it is the finest browser for android cell phones. Opera Mini is the improved web browser which offers superb web experience. Scrolling and browsing is extremely smooth with it, a part from this it exhibits complete web pages similar to the one displayed on the PC. You can adjust the font size easily and can switch from landscape mode to portrait vice versa. Fast browsing experience with this browser helps you to access to your websites immediately. In addition, one can also conveniently access to the bookmarks and manage the downloaded data. Opera Mini has lots more in it for your android phone.

2. Seesmic

Do you wana manage your Twitter accounts on your android phone? Seesmic is among those android apps which are very things for your android phones. With Seesmic on your android phone, you will be able to view all the timelines, private conversations, notifications as well as post tweets to different accounts simultaneously. Same activities you can perform for your Facebook account as well. It also offers to share photos, videos and locations.

3. Winamp for Android

Winamp is the decisive media player for android, with the help of Winamp you can easily wirelessly sync with the desktop and shift iTunes library to Android. Basically Winamp is a complete media manager which also features playlist and play queue management.

4. Astro File Manager for Android

With Astro File Manager, you will be able to move, copy, rename and delete file as well. It’s up to you either you want to work on one file or more than one. One can also easily backup and restore free applications; the process manager displays all operating applications in addition to services and processes. You can also attach and send files as email and send images with the help of Astro. Astro also features an image viewer which displays thumbnail gallery of images in the existing directory and helps to spin and modify images. In addition, Astro has also integrated support for interpreting and taking out compressed files e.g. Zip, Tar files.

5. AK Notepad for Android

AK Notepad is the most convenient Notepad for android you can set reminders, themes, manage notes, share notes via SMS and email. AK Notepad is quite simple to use, just open a program and click on “add note” in this way you can fix reminder alarm for the note and can also share it through Facebook, twitter, Gmail etc

6. Facebook for Android

One can easily connect with the friends via Facebook for Android app and share status, install updates from home screen, chat with the buddies, view the news feeds, access the walls of acquaintances, upload images, see the messages, share links and much more.

7. Skype for Android

Skype for android facilitate the android phone users to stay in contact with the family and buddies. Call to the other Skype users for free and also enjoy the low call rates to cell phones and landlines and talk to those friends which are not the Skype users.

8. Foursquare

Do you wana explore the world around you? Try Foursquare for android, which is the social networking game based on the location. Foursquare helps you to stay connected with friends, share your location and undo concessions and incentives. One can conveniently share picture with the siblings, access their comments and tips.

9. Tweet Deck

With TweetDeck one can get all the social networking places under one roof i.e. Facebook, twitter, Foursquare etc. TweetDeck also makes it easily for you to mange your multiple accounts on the different social networking sites i.e. you can sign in with you’re the TweetDeck account. CBS wrote about TweetDeck, “I rely on TweetDeck; It makes twitter my social dashboard.”

10. WordPress for Android


WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that facilitates you to write new posts, edit content, and organize comments with integrated notifications. WordPress for android is compatible with and self hosted WordPress blogs as well.

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