Kitchen is the kingdom of a cook, and he/she can rule the kingdom better if provided with appropriate supplies. Best outcome in a quicker time is what every person wants, especially those who cook food for themselves. Gadgets can make the most time taking and complicated jobs the most quick and simplest. Allowing you to enjoy your cooking experience, rather making it a luxurious one is just what gadgets do. Now here is the list of the most famous and high in-demand kitchen gadgets:

1. Food Processors:

Food processors seem to be on the high since ever. The today market is replete with a variety of food processor models with slight variations in options (almost all of them have blending and chopping options). Some food processors come with a wide range of blades enabling them to perform more jobs and some come with less number of blades limiting their functions. Similarly, the container capacities are different, allowing the user to process less or more material at a time.

by h-bomb

2. Low Fat Fryers:

Commonly used whacks and frying pans allow excessive oil and fats enter the food while frying. A healthy and economical solution to this issue has arrived in shape of Low Fat Fryers. They allow you to get better frying results in just about a spoonful of cooking oil. Besides, they are easy to clean with just the auto clean option in the latest models.

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3. Pizza Cutters:

The trendiest cutter of all pizza cutters is Fred and Friends Pizza Boss 3000. It is made with laser etched stainless steel blade, and is capable of cutting all types of topping with utmost fineness.

by joebeone

4. Kitchen Timer:

It is one of the gadgets, which are all time favorites. There is a plethora of designs and styles available in a huge variety of colors, which can easily suit any kitchen interior, kitchen environment, and personal liking standards. They are available in vegetable shapes, fruit shapes, teapots, measuring tape style, animals, and in any design you can think of.

by Lynda Giddens

5. Spinning Spaghetti Fork:

Indeed, it is an innovative idea for those who love to eat Spaghetti, but do not know who to control the straws and eat a mouthful. Now, with the help of this kitchen gadget, it is easy for you to allow your children enjoy their favorite spaghetti dish on their own.

by stevendepolo

6. Kitchen Scales:

This is a perfect item to help you make perfect recipes. Measure your ingredients accurately using any of the available kitchen measurement gadgets. Nevertheless, Bugatti Uma’s kitchen scale can be called the best, as it allows you to measure several ingredients at one time. It also serves as a kitchen timer.

by Carol Green

7. Electric Kettles:

Electric kettles are available in different shapes and sizes. The common shape is the jug style kettle. With these, one can easily boil just the right quantity of water instantly. The most renowned brands in this regard are Brentwood, Hamilton Beach, T-fal, Aroma, Adagio Teas and Bonavita.

by Marisa | Food in Jars

8. Pasta Machine:

Comparing to hand rolling, it is the best quickest way. It is economical too, as it is manually operated. It is a must-buy for an expert cook, as he/she would love to serve homemade pasta to his/her guests. It has all that one could ask for- easy to use, economical, and easy to clean. There are various manufacturers providing their products.

by sjunnesson

9. Tea Strainers:

Tea strainers are available in quite interesting designs, which are both, purposeful, and a joy to use. A famous design is of shark, which looks like bleeding when the tea leaves burst out their color and flavor. A ball-shaped tea strainer can be used for spices as well. Put in the raw spices in it and leave the strainer in the soup. This will induce the flavors as well as save you from the extra work of picking or fishing the spices out of the soup.

by owly9

10. Dual Claws Chopper:

World-renowned chefs use the Dual Claws Chopper for a quick and fine herb chopping. It takes less time than knife chopping, yet allows you to chop the veggies and herbs as per your liking, fine, or coarse.


So next time you go for shopping kitchen gadgets, do check the options beforehand. It will make your decision easy, as buying kitchen gadgets are quite tricky to buy with so many options available in hand.

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