Robot1. “Robot” has derived from the Czech word “robota”, which means “drudgery”. At first it was seen in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots in the year 1921.

2. The case of a first robot homicide took place in the year 1981. It was the first case which is known to us. In the incident a factory worker of Japanese Kawasaki was crushed by a robotic arm.

3. Nowadays there are millions of industrial robots are in use and about half of them are in Japan alone.

4. In the year 1495, Leonardo da Vinci had also drawn plans of a shielded humanoid machine.

5. PackBot’s is a manufacturer of iRobot which was already sold over two million Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, which also has an environment sensing techniques available in it.

6. There is a report that the Taliban fighters of Afghanistan have used ladders in order to turn over and disarmed the military robots which was being sent to check out their caves.

7. Elektro is the first humanoid robot in the world which was debuted in the year 1939. It was created by the Westinghouse. It was 7 foot in height and was able walk and speaks. It spokes over seven hundred words which was stored in it.

8. Chris Melhuish from Bristol Robotics Lab has created a robot which can use fuel calls with bacteria in order to obtain electricity from the objects like the dead flies and the rotten apples. The main goal behind this was that robots could seek the need of their own food.

9. Well, hold your breath now!! There is news that the great robotics expert named Henrik Christensen is predicting that humans can have sex with the robots in four years time. Isn’t this interesting?

10. A group of Australian researchers are finding a way to build up a micro robot that could perform the same swim stroke which is used by E. coli bacteria. The main goal behind this is that if it becomes successful, it will be very much helpful in taking a biopsy of the human body parts.

Written By: “Renee”

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