Sports Technology


1. The light beams can now record the racers’ times to unimaginable thousandth of a second. The engineers associated with the committee of the U.S. Olympic keep on improving the timing and the measurement technology.

2. Even the professional tennis has now chosen the computerized tracking system that will able to clearly show if a ball is inside or outside.

3. Everybody likes bigger balls, isn’t it? As compared to other sports, the tennis looks slowing down. Well, volleys attracts huge spectators, hence the organizers of the game have now begin to look around at larger balls on the slower surfaces. It will keep the spirit of the tennis fans alive in the game.

4. Do you know a long jumper of France, named Salim Sdiri was speared in the ribs by an erratic javelin while he was waiting to compete at a meet in Rome in the year 2007?

5. The technology of pole-vaulting keeps on hitting the new heights with the poles which moves from wood to metal and in the end to the fiberglass composites. It results in awesome 120 -160 degrees of bends in a vault.

6. Nowadays the bows for archery are made up of aluminum, Kevlar, and magnesium fiberglass. The shooters are now able to shoot arrows more than 150 miles per hour with an absolute accuracy.

7. Speedo has introduced few new swimsuits for racing. LZR Racer features few seams and some water repulsive fabric which are ultra­sonically bonded in order to reduce drags.

8. In the year 2006–07 traditional leather basket ball has been replaced by a microfiber composites one by the National Basketball Association.

9. However, when there were complaints coming for the new micro-fiber basketball that they are very slick and some players have got cuts in hands too, NBA then immediately switched it with the old one.

10. Well, the Skateboarders are not the only one. Do you know the world’s fastest ball sport is jai alai? It is so because in this sport the ball is first catch and soon it is thrown at the speeds of around 188 mph by a scoop which is made up of very old fashioned wicker.

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