Get ready for a great rush of adrenalin what with a couple of great Android games coming up. Learn about these new releases so that you can install and start playing asap.  You are in for some endless hours of fun and a never ending excitement. This is some great news for all the Android owners, who just can’t wait to try out these new games.

Reign Of Amira: The Lost Kingdom

Help Amira save her lost kingdom. The ultimate battle has begun and you need to help her out before those vicious enemies overtake her kingdom. Use those magical crests as the ancient artifacts to destroy everything that gets in your way. The finely detailed environment, awesome audio effects and stunning graphics will, not make your want to leave the battleground.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

Another great android game to watch out this week is the Frontline Commando. You got lots to do here as you battle through the countryside. Clear the trenches, storm the beaches, liberate those towns as you battler forward to take back France. With amazing visuals, this is the most stunning 3rd person shooter you have ever come across.

Spider: Secret Of Bryce Manor

Be a Spider and a part of the adventurous world in an abandoned mansion. Look for clues as you go from one room to another, searching for food. Build webs on the way and  rack your brains to solve the mystery behind the Bryce family secret.


Puk is a fast paced game that is sure to test your nerve, agility and endurance. This action puzzler offers 1000 unique levels. One thing is for sure, you will not be able to put this game away once you start playing Puk.

Trainz Trouble

Here, you need to keep those wheels in motion and avoid trouble for the trains. Plan well ahead and change the junctions, map the route and time the stops so as to avoid any trouble and confusions. Well, you are sure to come across some interesting obstacles on the way but that only adds to all the fun in the game, doesn’t it?

Duck Retro Hunt

Get ready to hunt for those ducks that seem to be everywhere. They are there at your work place in your home, in the park and even in your kitchen and on your sofa. You will simply love the unique game play in Duck Retro Hunt.


With an army of ninjas, the guerrilla warriors, it is time to write the history of feudal Japan all over again. The shogun has plunged into a land of complete chaos, once fallen from power and those feudal lords are all set to take his place. Only the leading ninja clan can save him. Help unify Japan in this exciting Android game.


Catapult King

Get ready to battle against fire-breathing dragon, take down castles to rescue the princess. Be a part of this awesome 3d fantasy adventure and fight those nasty knights that have made the princess a prisoner. With 96 challenging levels, you have all the time to teach them a lesson.


Magicka has become even more magical. Now you can bring those lovable robed rascals on your android whenever you want. Experience a ground-breaking and dynamic spellcasting system in a brand new campaign in this amazing tale of Magicka.

Strategy & Tactics

This is a game of strategy masterpiece. Experience the greatest battles of  WWII and use all your tactics to overpower your enemies in three campaigns. You will come across historically accurate troops in the classic battle system with an exciting storyline.  Make use of new technologies to improve your troops and relive history all over again with some of the most charismatic characters.

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