Apple released its much awaited gadget iPad 2 couple of months ago and majority of Apple’s fans tried to be first to get this “Hot Gadget”. If you are among those users and want to explore more out of it, go through the tips and tricks related to iPad 2 and do something extra with convenience.

Download User’s Guide

Sorry to say iPad 2 do not have any large sized manual, Apple always includes small printed manuals in its product boxes. No worries, you can access the PDF version of Guide from the official website of Apple. A part from this, you can also interpret the user’s guide from the iBook.

Take a Gratis Guided visit

For every preinstalled application Apple offers video tours, hence one can easily access the information about how to use different apps.

Utilize the Side Button

If you want to enable or put out of action the audio alerts, you can use the button embedded on the side of iPad 2. Don’t worry this action will not affect the audio and video playback. You can also fix the function you want to assign to the side button with the help of Settings on Home screen. Select General and pick the function you desire to assign to be used through side switch.


You might be surprised to know that you can filch multitask bar from left to right for speedy access to control audio/video playback as well as shortcut to the iTunes. When you will select either the side button should mute sounds or not, rest of the functions will be displayed in the shortcut bar.

Expedite your Sentences

When you will double-tape the space bar during message typing, it will first of all type period and then space. As a result, you could expedite your sentences.

Avoid Autocorrect

If you don’t want to avail the option offered by the auto correct, you can refuse it by simply substituting it with the word you like and then tape the offer. On the other side, if you wish to use the autocorrect option simply type space or punctuation mark

Safeguard your Backups

Do you want to protect your backup? Open the iPad in iTunes and tick the summary tab, then from the options check out the Encrypt iPad backup.

Avert Repeated Sync Once

Most of the times when people connect iPad to PC they do not want to sync their iPad to computers, to avoid sync grip down shift-control when you plug in iPad to computer.

Clasp Data Roaming

Users of iPad 3G can activate the data roaming if they want to attempt to get cellular internet via different sources.

Intricate Passcode

By default, iOS has password that consists of four digits but one can change it by simply doing through Settings, General, Passcode lock, Simple Passcode and can use the Passcode of one’s own choice to padlock the iPad 2. The password also offers to encrypt the mail. Hence one can make it safer as compare to 4 digits Passcode.

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