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“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages every where in the World” Walt Disney. Entertainment matters to all regardless of age and gender. When it comes to home entertainment, every one wishes to acquire best home theater system. Follow this count down; you might get the one you desire to acquire.

1. Panasonic SC-PT660

Panasonic SC-PT660 is an ideal DVD home theater system. It features Kelton Subwoofer with two huge satellite speakers which are shielded magnetically. It also contains a Dock that is meant for iPod. It runs on total power of 1000W. Home theater receiver of Panasonic SC-PT660 features Dolby Digital Decoder and DTS Decoder, which provides exceptional reception. It offers variable zoom options i.e. 2X, 4X apart from normal and auto zoom.

2. ZVOX 425 Speaker System

If you are looking for a smart home theater system that occupies less room, ZVOX 425 is meant for you. It is in the form of rectangular box that is 3 feet wide and ½ foot, height and depth wise. On and off buttons, lies under the grille along with the input jack of 3.5mm. It also contains a knob to adjust the audio noise i.e. S.A.N.E (Sudden Audio Noise Eliminator). There is a special feature for the people who often watch movies at night. Guess what! It is a circuit that is meant for audio-compression. ZVOX 425 do not have discrete sound speakers, it utilizes Virtual Sound Processing. This Virtual Sound Processing is known as PhaseCue.

3. Klipsh CS-500

Klipsh CS-500 is extremely uncomplicated, sleek and small home theater system. It features horn-loaded magnetically fortified speakers that provide the best result. Woofers are 2.5 inches high. The great thing about this home theater system that differentiates it from other systems is that it is energy-efficient. Audio and video segment of CS-500 features integrated amplifier along with progressive scrutinizes DVD and CD player.

4. Sony DAV-X1

Sony DAV-X1 is a stylish home entertainment system. It features Dolby ProLogic II and DTS Decoder powered by Dolby digital technology. A part from this a full digital amplifier enhances the sound effects. Sony DAV-X1 has built-in CD and DVD player. Its speakers are magnetically shielded that provides ear-friendly sounds. Sony DAV-X1 is a competitive product for Boss 3-2-1 system.

5. Bose 3-2-1

Bose 3-2-1 is an adorable home theater system. It is basically designed for standard size room. It features 2 speakers and integrated DVD and CD player. Its videos can be up scaled up-to1080p. You do not need to be worried about, how to operate it? It is simple to operate. It is composed of three wires and a power cable. Sound system of Bose 3-2-1 provides easy-to-listen experience, as it is composed of 5-speakers. Now you can enjoy the same experience like you expect in cinema. It also supports HDMI.

6. Samsung HT-BD2

Samsung HT-BD2 is a home theater system with advanced HD audio. It’s perfect picture and sound quality has marked it as the most happening home entertainment system. Samsung HT-BD2 is the first home theater system Worldwide that utilizes Blu-ray technology. Now you can enjoy the high definition 1080p images. Samsung has composed it with the help of state-of the-art technology and innovative features.

7. Harman/Kardon HS-300

Harman Kardon HS-300 is a cool home theater system. It’s a prefect blend of fun to love images and music. It features integrated DVD player, MP3 player, and FM and AM tuner. DVD player is available with HDMI output. HS-300 also includes USB ports at front and back panel. These ports help you to connect your digital camera. In addition you can also use it to connect the ThumbDrive, which facilitate you to listen music and view images straight away.

8. Onkyo HT-S990THX

Onkyo HT-S990THX has set standards being the World’s first THX proficient home entertainment system. It features Dolby digital audio output, receiver with 110W/Ch power output, progressive video output. It offers you multiple options of entertainment like cinema 2, music mode and game mode. WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) provides support to amplifier for excellent performance. Its compatibility for iPod has made it an up-to the mark home entertainment system.

9. Sony BDV-IT1000ES

Sony BDV-IT1000ES is an amazing home theater system. Its blu-ray technology provides a complete cinematic experience. It features blu-ray disc player and audio video receiver. It is echo-friendly and its soothing sound effects do not irritate the ears. It has built in decoder and digital sound system. HDMI repeater in IT1000ES enhances signal processing. Optical Digital Input is available as connector.

10. Bose Lifestyle 48

Bose Lifestyle 48 is a DVD home entertainment system. Its 5.1 channel surround sound is perfect for a home entertainment system. It also features DVD with HDMI connectivity, 1080p video scaling and Jewel cube speakers, which are horizontal centric. It also offers to store digital music from CDs. Progressive scan CD and DVD player provides you a chance to enjoy cinema like film in your room.

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