Cheery, naughty and mischievous; Yes, we are talking about kids that are our future generation. The latest technology also needs to be taught and transferred to them. The best way to keep your children in touch with the new technology is to let them use apps that are not only enjoyable but also educational. We have compiled a list of 10 apps that are the best for kids to have a technological start. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Maily (iPad app- free)

To give our kids a first email experience this app is the best. They can create digital drawing and write messages . They can also send mail to family, friends and parent’s Inbox. It is a safe method to introduce your children to messaging.

2. Color & Draw for Kids (iPhone/Android – £0.69)

This is a fun app that lets the toddlers learn both drawing and coloring. There are themed packs of pictures like dinosaurs, animals, fairies, etc that children can color and enjoy.

3. ABC Zoo Borns ( iPad or iPhone-$2.99)

ABC Zoo Borns is a unique alphabet-themed visual encyclopedia. The variety of photos are added from sources such as Flickr and YouTube that help in educating your child and increase their interest in animals playfully.

4. Disney PIXEL’D (iPhone/iPad – Free)

This app gives your child a true Disney world experience. Disney’s most famous characters are added that can be colored. The kids can also create their own pixel-art drawings and animations and share them with their friends.

5. Bugs and Bubbles ( iPhone, iPad- $2.99)

Bugs and Bubbles let the children to have fun at Uncle Bob’s Bubble Factory. They can play up to 18 levels. They can collect stickers by harvesting bubbles which help them to learn skills like counting, sorting and remembering patterns.

6. The Great Cookie Thief (iPhone, iPad-$3.99)

It is a sesame street app for the children who love the show. The main character is the cookie monster who lives in an Old West town and who steals cookies. The toddlers can also create their own posters and enjoy.

7. LEGO 4+ ( iPhone, iPad, Android- Free)

For the Lego lovers, this app is amazing. Your kids can assemble a truck or helicopter from LEGO parts and enhance their creativity.

8. Little Fox Music Box (iPhone/iPad – £1.99)

The Little Fox Music Box  is a rhyming “sing-along songbook”. Your children can sing and dance on rhymes like London Bridge and Old MacDonald, with animations.

9. Doodlecast For Kids (iPhone/iPad – £1.49)

It is a spectacular drawing app that lets your kids to record their voices as they draw. The result is a two to three minute cute videos that can be shared with the friends and family.

10. The Sonnets by William Shakespeare ( iPad- $13.99)

This pricey app features a cast of famous actors and experts who read Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets so that your kids can get acquainted with the classic works.

So, let your children enjoy with these cool apps.

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